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Cloud Storage, Backup, and Other Services
Personal, Small Business and
Enterprise Use

Many Cloud solutions exist that can be very useful to individuals and businesses. There are free Cloud Storage and Backup options that work well for many individuals and some small businesses. All of these options have paid versions for those who need more space or functionality. Here we will review some of the better free and low cost options; e.g., Google Drive, SkyDrive, Mozy, and Dropbox.

If you have any files that are important to you, whether they be photos, documents, spreadsheets, or whatever, you need a backup system. Storage devices fail from time to time. Even if you are unusually lucky and yours doesn't fail, files can be corrupted by a faulty program or by a virus such as the CryptoLocker ransomware virus. It's not unusual for people to destroy files accidentally and there is the possibility of a fire that destroys your PC, tablet or phone. Or, your storage device may be stolen or otherwise made unavailable. If you do not have a backup system in place, you should put at least one backup arrangement in place if you wish to assure you can continue to have access to your files. For many organizations, history tells us their business will fail if their data storage is lost.

Some details about Cloud Services are available at the following links: